How do I play Tiny Worlds? Any guide I can look up to?

The game already has a tutorial to help you through your first steps in the game! So you won’t start from scratch and will get a good grasp of the game.

It’s simple! Destroy worlds by swiping your finger across the screen, unlock pets, get eggs to level them up and reach as many tiers as you can! Once it seems you can’t progress anymore, use the Time Travel to start back to tier 1 while keeping all the collectables you got!

The community made a very useful beginner guide for those in search for clues on how to progress through the game, you can find it here

My fingers hurt playing the game... Is it normal?

The speed of the swipe does not affect the value of its damage. When you swipe your finger on the screen, the game will do damage to each block that is on the path of the finger.

If the finger remains pressed on the same block, it will inflict damage to it up to 10 hits/seconds! So there is really no need to trash your screen. Sliding very simply is more than enough to do a series of damage on a large part of the blocks!

The game became too hard! What should I do?

Once you’ve reached a certain tier, things can get difficult. It’s time to reevaluate your strategy! Pets do the most damage and bring passive bonuses to help you power up throughout the game.
Pets slots are essential for team compositions so keeping your diamonds to unlock them should be a priority. Then focus on getting eggs! Don’t forget that the prestige mechanic “Time Travel” allows you to reset your progression and keep everything you obtained except gold.
You also get a currency called “tesseracts” which you can use to buy and upgrade runes for powerful effects.

Does the game support multiple devices synchronization?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Tiny Worlds on multiple devices with the same progression save. We plan to integrate a better saving system for a later update though!

I suddenly lost all my progress! Any way to recover it?

Sorry for the inconvenience! You can join the community Discord server where the team can personally handle your request and get your progress back in the game!

To join the server, use this link

What do gemstones do?

Some blocks are filled with shiny gemstones, they are worth more coins than classic blocks.

  • Amber block: worth 5 blocks
  • Amethyst block: worth 10 blocks
  • Emerald block: worth 25 blocks
  • Ruby block: worth 50 blocks
  • Sapphire block: worth 100 blocks

Can all egg types be found on top of planets?

Yes, you have a slight chance of finding any type of egg on top of a planet, even the legendary ones.

  • Rare eggs can only be found above tier 50.
  • Epic eggs can only be found above tier 100.
  • Legendary eggs can only be found above tier 150.

There’s even a special biome in the game that allows you to get a guaranteed egg for each world you encounter during the tier. Find it out!

What happens when the game is closed?

All the achievements progress only when the app is opened. Your companions can progress through tiers while you’re away, earn gold and shards you can collect when you re-open the game!
However, your pets can’t collect eggs or diamonds while you’re off.

Will I still get the ads rewards if I buy the ads remover?

The ads remover simply bypasses every single ad, but it doesn’t change any game behaviour. This means you can still enjoy every single game mechanic (temporary boosts, free eggs offers in the shop, etc) and collect all ads related achievements and daily missions. All of this while not being disturbed.

Is it better to skip tiers when time travelling? Or just start from tier 1 to maximize eggs?

Skipping gives more tesseracts in the long run and egg drops are better above tier 150.
If you’re active enough to restart every time it slows down, skipping is more efficient, if not, longer runs are better.

Does the game has a leaderboard?

There isn’t one in the game, but members of our community have created one.
Join our Discord to find out!

I want to create the best possible team. How do I find this out?

The community made a calculator where you can input the pets and their levels you currently possess and it will automatically suggest you the best pet compositions possible for you to use!

Find the calculator here

Any way to reach the devs and talk with them? I want to know more about the team!

We have a variety of social networks you can visit to ask us anything and watch the content we make on Tiny Worlds and other games!er support, and to be aware of the status of this bug resolution.  

Do I need to assign pet from a given family to get its bonus?

No, family bonuses are passive and permanent. They are applied regardless of your current companions team.

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